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Feldt Technical Services Feldt Technical Services (FTS) welcomes you on its official webspace. In a glance you will be provided with a short overview regarding FTS' activities and services.


Alexander Feldt Feldt Technical Services is a freelance service project created by Alexander Feldt, versatile telecommunications engineer/technical writer with many years of job experience in technical support, training, and documentation for leading telecommunication/IT companies. The projects goal is to deliver high quality engineering services efficiently and cost friendly.


Services FTS offers high demanding services for the telecommunication industry at fair prices. This can be achieved by applying the freelance concept i.e. higher efficiency, flexibility, and working within expert networks. Services can be offered on the following topics:


Being a recently founded project FTS is under continuos acquisition of new clients. The following references reflect Alexander Feldt's latest activities:

Year Company Reference Letter Work Topic Language(s)
2020-currently Snom technology GmbH, Berlin, Germany Developing technical writing automation solutions English/German
2014-2020 emagine, Berlin, Germany → bombardier Transportation GmbH, Hennigsdorf, Germany Technical Writing for Diagnostic Dept.(Project Bombardier Twindexx/Bombardier Twindexx Swiss Express) German/English
2014 Delivery Hero Holding GmbH, Berlin, Germany White Paper and technical product documentation English
2014 zebragrün, Brandenburg, Germany Application Support for Talking Pano/Writing storyboard and editing Promotion Video German
2013-2014 babbel,Lesson Nine GmbH, Berlin, Germany Link to PDF Customer Support/Technical writing and FAQ restructuring English/German
2013-2014 Albrecht Übersetzungen, Feldafing, Germany Technical translations of patent claims English>German
2013 MS VirtualMarketing, Bad Vilbel, Germany Link to PDF Technical case stories/translations English>German
2012 Wildix S.R.L, Trento, Italy Link to PDF Technical translations of VoIP Gateway User Interface English>German
2010-2012 snom technology AG, Berlin, Germany Link to PDF Creating E-Learning content English/German
2008-2012 snom technology AG, Berlin, Germany Link to PDF Technical documentation about VoIP technology English/German
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